Air Duct Cleaning After A Renovation


Renovation; are a great way to update and add value to your house; but they are also costly, take time, and cause stress. When a renovation is finished there is a wave of relief and excitement to start living in your new updated home; however, once the contractor leaves you still are not done with the renovation!

Renovations increase dust whether they include drywall sanding, demolition, or any other interior home project. Dust and debris from renovations often travel beyond the work area, and into the ductwork of a home. Keep in mind dust goes everywhere air flows! So scheduling an Air Duct Cleaning post-renovation and cleanup is the most beneficial.

Duct Cleaning improves indoor air quality through removal of dust and debris, creating a healthy living environment for you and your family. Some construction materials can be toxic if breathed in. Most of the time workers will be using masks while working in your home, but once they leave that same potentially toxic dust is being pushed through your HVAC system and into your family’s lungs. Clogged or unclean vents can also make your HVAC system to run less efficiently and cause an increase in air conditioning and heating costs.

Air duct cleaning should be part of your planning and factored in to the cost of a renovation; but if you or your family are experiencing increased allergies, breathing problems, headaches or other signs or symptoms that can occur when indoor air quality is poor, you may need to call in a professional.

Moldbusters are experts in indoor air quality and will be able to tell you if you could benefit from an air duct cleaning.