It’s Fall, Time to Schedule Your Air Duct Cleaning


While it has been an unseasonably warm fall, there is no doubt about it….winter is coming. The dirt, mold, and dust that have accumulated within vents and air ducts all spring and summer are just waiting to go into the air. Poor indoor air quality can lead to illness, missed days of work, and a decreased quality of life.

Don’t wait until you turn your heat on to find out what the status of your air ducts is. The fall is a great time to check your air ducts for mold, dust, dirt, and other particles.

Air ducts only need to be inspected periodically, according to the FDA. However, when mold and other materials accumulate in your air ducts it can become dangerous to anyone living in the home. If someone in your home has allergies, eczema, or asthma, you may need more frequent air duct cleaning.

If in the past year you’ve had

  • Any work done in the house
  • Any pest infestation
  • Pets that shed in the home
  • Moisture problems or any other risk factors for mold

It might be a good idea to schedule an air duct cleaning for your home before you turn on the heat to prevent any of these particles from getting into the air, potentially making you sick.

If you do turn on your heat and notice more sniffles, breathing problems, itchy eyes, skin, and noses, it could mean your indoor air quality is not good. Schedule an air duct cleaning with Moldbusters and our experts can get you breathing easy again.